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Swimming Pool Contractor May Not Be The Builder

Because of the nature of business, the company that you contract to install your pool may not be the company that builds it. Many of the larger companies that install residential pools sub-contract to various outsourced companies. This is designed to save the company money and then pass these savings on to the consumer. It is also used to get the best possible work done. If several specialists are employed to do different jobs, you know they are experts in their field.

This sub-contracting to builders can lead to a few problems though. If different people come in to do different jobs there has to be open lines of communication.

No two properties are the same and unless everyone working on the pool has all the information mistakes could be made. These mistakes could upset your neighbors, violate city property laws, delay the project, and ultimately cost you time and money.

To save yourself some headaches down the road, make sure there is proper communication between all parties at all times.

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