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Choosing A Pool Contractor And Pool Service

The last thing you want to hear when you have problems with your pool is that your builder can't help you out. "What do you mean you can't do anything?" you may wonder. Afterall, they built your pool! Perhaps, but is your builder the person with your warranty?

Changing Hands
When you hire a builder, ask about the warranty for your pool. Do they have their own service department or do they subcontract it out? Dealing with warranties is stressful enough; it is usually a lot easier to deal with only one company that should have all of your records on file.

However, if you are buying an above ground pool and hiring someone else to install the pool, make sure you read any contracts that you sign, including the fine print. Your warranty from the pool distributor may be voided if you hire outside installers; that is, pool builders that aren't employed by the pool distributor.

Even if your contract remains in good standing, the warranty from the pool distributor may only cover certain aspects of your pool problems while the builder's warranty covers other. This means you have to track done which company, if any, will actually provide you with service.

Whenever you can, simplify things by having all your contracts and warranties for your pool handled by the same company. Always keep a copy of these warranties, as well as the contact information of who to call when there is a problem, in a safe spot that you can easily access.

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