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Pool Materials For Swimming Pool Installation

Once you have decided on what kind of pool you would like, you must also have a good idea what kind of material you would like to use. This is of course up to you and your budget, not the contractor.

Steel Walls And Vinyl Lining
The vast majority of pools built in North America are steel wall pools with a vinyl lining. The vinyl is one of the easiest materials to clean and the steel wall ensures that your pool can last for decades, sometimes even 30 years. Because of the level of contact it has with swimmers and the environment the vinyl should be replaced every 10 years, but this will ultimately depend on how often you use your pool and what impact that use has.

Cold Climate Materials
If you live in a cold climate the lifespan of your pool will drastically be reduced, therefore it is important to speak with your contractor in advance and ensure that your pool is best equipped for long-winter weather. Make sure you ask for a steel walled pool if you live in the north.

Watch out. The contractor may ask suggest the more expensive concrete or fiberglass lining. These materials can chip or break when with rapid temperature change. Remember you are in charge of your pool not the contractor.

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