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  • Landscaping Tips Offer Homeowners Help and High Returns, Says Repair-Home.com
    Investing in quality landscaping significantly boosts the curb appeal of a property and can return more than the original investment at resale time. A section devoted to landscaping design on Repair-Home.com, an online, interactive home repair resource, lays out the simple principles behind great landscaping and provides a forum for those seeking more detailed advice.
  • Above-Ground Pool Deck Could Boost Pool ROI, Says Repair-Home.com
    An above-ground pool deck enhances a pool's value to not only the homeowner, but possibly the property appraiser as well. Repair-Home.com has the resources to help pool owners maximize their investment by learning about the available options and finding top contractors with local market knowledge.
  • Swimming Pool Contractor Search Simplified with Repair-Home.com
    An in-ground swimming pool can make a homeowner's life a dream--or a nightmare--depending on decisions made early in the process. The most important decision is choosing an experienced, ethical contractor. Repair-Home.com helps homeowners find local swimming pool contractors and also offers articles and resources for all home repair projects.
  • Consumers Find Local Contractors with Repair-Home.com's Free Directory Listing
    With recent growth in the home and industrial construction markets, contractors are needed in increasingly greater demand. Repair-Home.com offers a free contractor listing to help businesses take advantage of the need for skilled labor by increasing their visibility among homeowners and other companies.
  • Hot Tub Installation Made Easy on Repair-Home.com
    New and very affordable spas makes spring 2007 the perfect time to schedule a hot tub installation. Interested consumers can visit Repair-Home.com, an online resource connecting homeowners with top contractors and home repair specialists, for information about a range of hydrotherapy products to fit any budget. Repair-Home.com helps spa-seekers find contractor listings and links, get free estimates, and read important background information on common repair, renovation and home improvement projects like adding a hot tub or spa.
  • Installing a French Drain Easily Translated by Repair-Home.com
    For homeowners who want additional assistance with springtime home improvement projects such as installing a French drain, Repair-Home.com can help. In addition to a new article that address questions about French drains, Repair-Home.com offers a forum with answers to French drain questions. Visitors can also post their own questions. Repair-Home.com offers practical advice for homeowners interested in improving, repairing or updating the inside or outside of their homes.
  • Roofing Repair, Home Improvement Tips Cover the Whole House at Repair-Home.com
    With wet spring and hot summer weather approaching, roofing repair is critical to extend the life of a roof and reduce more expensive repairs and damage later. Roofing advice articles from Repair-Home.com advise homeowners which roof problems to look for and how to approach repairs. The site also offers a roofing forum where homeowners can connect with other homeowners.
  • Building a Greenhouse for Gardening and More, Simplified with Repair-Home.com
    In addition to many other resources for homeowners, Repair-Home.com features a series of new articles highlighting the advantages of building a greenhouse this spring and includes instructions and contractor listings to help homeowners as they undertake the project.