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Quick, Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

I was looking to upgrade my bathroom quickly before selling my house and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I already had granite countertops installed a few years back, but the mirrors, lighting, and cabinets needed some attention. Therefore, I decided to upgrade these three items.

First, I removed the old mirror above the sink, which spanned the entire wall. I felt that this look was a little outdated, so I swapped that mirror out with a decorative, picture frame mirror. This new mirror blended well with the rest of the bathroom, most notably with the brushed nickel faucets.

Next, I removed the old florescent ceiling lighting and covered up the ceiling with sheet rock, texturing, and new paint. I placed the new lights right above the new mirrors. These wall lights looked great, yet were very inexpensive (less than $80 each).

Finally, I wanted to upgrade the look of my cabinets. To keep costs low, I decided that instead of putting in new cabinets, I would just repaint the cabinets and add some nice cabinet handles and hinges to accent the mirrors and the rest of the bathroom.

All these upgrades were done for less than $800, which is much less than a typical bathroom remodel that can range between $3000-$6000.

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  • My bathroom before the remodelMy bathroom before the remodel
  • My bathroom after the makeoverMy bathroom after the makeover
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