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Green Renovation Projects

1906 bungalow exterior restoration
1906 bungalow exterior restoration

Our goal was to restore the brick on our 1906 bungalow to its original beauty. We stripped the paint using an eco-friendly paint stripper, hired Read more...

1/2 Bath/Closet Renovation: Old School 70s 1/2 bath/closet to Modern Austin, Texas Metro Guest Room/Pantry

This was an old 1/2 bath on the first floor. It had old school faux stucco paint and an old cabinet sink and toilet, probably Read more...

Kitchen Renovation: Old School 70s to Modern Austin, Texas Metro

This is a townhome I purchased in 2008 in Austin, Texas. The goal was to modernize the kitchen.This was an exhaustive, year long process. The Read more...

Kitchen: eco friendly & retro funky

In April 2008 we bought a 1920s Victorian fixer upper with an early 1960s kitchen. We love the Geneva cabinets, which had held up beautifully, Read more...

Kitchen - Bangor Foursquare
Kitchen - Bangor Foursquare

We wanted to bring our kitchen into the 21st century - when we bought the house in 2008 it was stuck somewhere in the 1970s. Read more...

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