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Ladies Parlor

This is the before and afters of our second or ladies parlor. The room didnt look bad but we had ideas of what we wanted and did it all ourselves. We were looking for a soft comftrable feel. This room gets lots of light and has three stainglass windows, plus a transome window above the large center window,one exterior door to the wraparound front porch, two sets of pocket doors and one door to a bedroom, and a fireplace. not much wallspace! Christie had a wallpaper treatment in mind that she used in her last house consisting of a fill paper, a frieze, a border and a ceiling paper. The plaster walls had a lot of damage but were salvagable. we used this time to freshen up the oak woodwork with a good cleaning, (lots of coal dust) and a finish with a tint to bring out the beauty. Then the walls hat to be stripped and the cracks repaired and floated and primed. She then used wallpaper liner paper to smooth out the wall then another coat of primer, plus a coat of paint that matches the background of the paper so not to show shoult any seams seperate. It sounds like a lot of trouble but they really turned out nice and will make things much easier the next time it needs papering. The Peacock paper is a reproduction of an Silver Stuidios paper from the 1890s. the ceiling paper is a Morris style willow with a pale green background and gold mettallic leaves. The frieze is a cordinating floral and vine paper and the border is again a repro of the Peacock. The ceiling had a really bad texture job, ( hiding a bad drywall job) that had to be scraped then the whole ceiling floated out. The fireplace was in very poor shape and had to have the front rebuilt for the original decorative tiles and the mantle completely refinished as it had sustained water damage over the years. The birch wood turned out very nicely and the mantle still has it`s original tag on the back with the original owners name. I aquired a 1930s era gas insert with an art neauvo theme of vines amd flowers and restored it to working condition. We also found an original gas/electric eight light chandilier on Ebay for the room and a original style pushbutton switch with built-in dimmer. During the process I also polished and clearcoated the original Norwalk brass hardware which we were lucky to have.

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