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Kitchen Projects

Kitchen - Bangor Foursquare
Kitchen - Bangor Foursquare

We wanted to bring our kitchen into the 21st century - when we bought the house in 2008 it was stuck somewhere in the 1970s. Read more...


The challenge was to maximize the usable space in a relatively small "L" shaped kitchen. We spent a lot of time revising drawings and making Read more...

Complete Custom Maple Kitchen w/quartz countertop

In this project, I designed and created this kitchen from scratch. It was gutted and completely remodeled. The old kitchen was enclosed by walls and Read more...

~ New Updated Lighting for an Old Kitchen
~ New Updated Lighting for an Old Kitchen

When we moved into our house, there was a total of three main lighting sources in the kitchen and dining area: one light above the Read more...

~ Cottage Style Brick Paver  Backsplash
~ Cottage Style Brick Paver Backsplash

I wanted to add some texture and old-fashioned charm to our backsplash area, so we decided to install thin brick pavers. We actually had a Read more...

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