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Just Tear it Down

"Just tear it down" were the words that I heard from the County Inspector when he examined the garage that day. The county in which I lived had set new ordinances a few months prior to my purchasing the house and land on which this garage sat. The Inspector laughed when we old him, we wanted to fix this garage since it was a piece of history with it's hand-sawn timber framework and clapboard siding.

I called several roofing and concrete contractors; but no one wanted to take on the job. So we got to work ourselves and rented a dumpster.
-We tore up the concrete floor ourselves and laid a new one.
-Took off the rusted metal roof and properly laid a shingle one.
-Removed the broken sliding doors and rebuilt the facade with carriage doors.
-Pressured washed the siding and repainted it a crisp white.
-The list goes on and on.

Obviously, saving the garage was worth the back-breaking work; but seeing the County Inspectors face three months later when we showed him what we had down was priceless.

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  1. I love the appreciation for the history and the attention to detail! Looks great.

    Stephanie, Dec 10, 2009

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  2. Simply amazing what persistence and patience can do! Really fantastic!

    Julie Ann Wagner, Dec 06, 2009

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  3. I love all the hard work they put into this and the results are phenominal!

    Julie Bland, Dec 04, 2009

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  4. Looks amazing and awesome work that you have done! You are a trooper!

    Lindsay , Dec 04, 2009

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