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~ Ceiling Fan Makeovers

When you have an old dingy fan that works fine but needs updating, there's no need to replace it! Simply take it down and spray paint it! I've made over two ceiling fans in my home and couldn't be more pleased with the results. With the first fan, I actually used a sponge brush and oil-rubbed bronze paint - but that was a bit of a job. So on my second fan, I just took it down and sprayed it. There is an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint available, but I just used a dark brown paint. Much easier! {Be sure to use light coats so as to not flood the motor.}

Our goal: To update our ceiling fans without replacing them

Our biggest challenge: Figuring out the easiest and best way to go about painting the fans

Our greatest accomplishment: For just a few dollars, creating fans that look like new pricey ones

{Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! twiceremembered (at) gmail.com}

Twice Remembered

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