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4 Projects Best Left To Contractors

Being a Do-It-Yourselfer has many selling points, particularly in a tight economy. There are times, however, when trying to do it all yourself can be a detriment. If you do not have the proper contractor skills, you can damage mechanical systems or make safety mistakes, such as working with electrical wiring.

Here are some home improvement projects that are best left to professional contractors:

  • Wiring. For obvious reasons, don't play with electricity unless you have the training. This is particularly true with major rewiring work, such as removing old wiring and feeding new wiring through. There's just too much to know about what each circuit can hold, how to install the wiring properly, and just how to be safe.
  • Roofing. While many people can climb on ladders and clean out gutters or inspect a roof for damage, the process of walking around on top of the roof is clearly an art learned by years of experience. Leave it to the roofing contractors--and make sure they have insurance!
  • Replacing heating and cooling systems. This requires knowledge of HVAC systems and what capacity is needed based on room size, air flow, and other factors. Stick to changing filters and leave the heavy lifting to the heating contractors.
  • Gas line projects. If your gas stove seems to be leaking, don't take this into your own hands. Call the gas company and have the gas shut off. Find a licensed plumbing contractor or other professional to handle this one. Connecting a gas line may seem like an easy home improvement job, but what if something goes wrong?

Do-It-Yourselfers can do many home improvement projects around the house, from painting to demolition to tile installation. Before you start a project, ask yourself whether it involves safety issues that could get out of hand. If so, call a contractor.