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Home is where the heart is and building your dream home will take all of the heart and soul you have. Ultimately the end result can be one of the greatest achievements of your life, and can give you something to pass down to your children for generations to come.

With that said, it’s important to keep in mind what a massive undertaking building your home can be. There are hundreds of variables you have to keep in mind to ensure that your new home is the comfortable sanctuary you want it to be. The following is a rough guide that offers helpful tips to get you started on your rewarding journey.

Research Your Community
As comfortable as your new home will be, you still have to venture outside. Make sure that the community you are moving into is one that suits your lifestyle. Are your neighbors considerate? Will they tolerate pets? Does the community have the cultural activities you enjoy? Most importantly, can you afford to life there?

Set Your Budget
Everyone wants his or her home to be a castle. Sadly few of us can afford to actually build one. You have to be a king or something for that. Make sure that you get the most bang for your buck while still allowing some financial flexibility for things like fluctuating interest rates and unexpected costs.

Choose Appropriate Materials
There is a big difference between cheap material, inexpensive material and great material. All three have their function, but what you need to do is determine the perfect balance of the three to ensure short-term feasibility and long-term sustainability.

Choosing A Contractor
This could be the second most important decision you make when building your dream home. Find a contractor who has a great reputation, and who can give you an honest price quote. Also, make sure that he or she is someone you can get a long with. Building your own home can take as long as a year, so having a good relationship can make all the difference.

Should you do it yourself or hire a contractor? Take on as much responsibility as you can handle. Part of the magic of building your own home is the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. If you can buy the material yourself, and draft the plans, by all means do so. You’ll save money and ensure that the home you get is the home you want. Beware though. Getting in over your head can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Home Insurance
Make sure that you get insurance for your home. For the vast majority of people, their home is their greatest material investment. Like all investments, you want it to be protected. Make sure that the company insuring your abode has an A.M. Best Rating of at least ‘Excellent.’ You can find this information at your local library.

The Most Important Thing...Ever!
Enjoy yourself. Your new home should be a sanctuary from the stress of your daily life. It would be a shame to get too stressed out over your home and fill it with bad memories right at the start.

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