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Building a home in the 21st century comes with a whole host of choices. Perhaps one of the most important home building questions is how you'll arrange for energy use over the lifetime of your new dwelling, and, since the recent rise in popularity and availability of environmentally responsible home building techniques and materials, your options are virtually endless.

Heating and Cooling

The less frequently you find it necessary to run your central climate control, the lighter the load on your wallet. Building a home with natural sources of temperature moderation can give you the piece of mind that comes with expecting lower utility bills than ever before. Westward-facing windows with insulating glass will let heat through and trap it inside during the cold months, and door- or window-based channels that allow cooling crossbreezes to trickle through your living space will help you cut central cooling costs during the summer.

Building a Home with Solar Power

Another way to reduce your dependence on expensive, regionally distributed energy is to affix power generators directly to the home. Building a solar array may seem pricey at first, totaling anywhere from $40,000 to the high six figures, depending on how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you want to generate, but the savings on every month's bill from the power company will begin to add up in a hurry.

These are only a few of the many ways you can prepare for responsible energy use when building a home. Consider what energy-efficient home building methods might be right for you; then, visit Repair-Home.com to request a quote from local contractors.