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Home Building Kits

Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that shelter is one of the base requirements of human realization. From the dawn of time, settlers and pioneers have realized the dream of shelter by building their own homes.

While today this is not a necessity, building your own home can a be a challenging and rewarding experience that will save you money and make you the envy of all your survivalist friends.

Just imagine building a home in three to four days. Even if you are no Bob Villa, this is a possibility with modern home building kits. Comprised of top-quality insulated panels, you can build your home to your own needs, not by the whim of some construction company you have never met.

Homes From Kits Are Upgradeable and Energy Efficient
Homes built from home building kits are easily upgradeable. Do it your self home building kits are also energy efficient and will save you money in both the short and long term

Select A Style You Love
Another beautiful thing about using a home building it is the selection of home styles. You can choose from:

  • Ranch style
  • Ranch style with deck
  • Cape Cod
  • Colonial two story
  • Garages
  • Log homes or
  • Custom-build the exact home you want

Save Piles Of Money
You'll also be blown away by the amount of money you'll save. Currently, a downtown condo will cost you around $300 per square feet. This does not include a yard or any access to public space. By contrast, houses constructed from home building kits go for around $125 pre square foot (and this is a liberal estimate). Just think of the the difference.

Steps in Building A Home
If you are just getting started and are not sure what goes into building your own home, here's a run down of the steps you'll have to take to make something out of nothing.

  • Pour the foundation
  • Install the floor joints
  • Install the wall panels (this will take about half a day with 3-4 people)
  • Cut out openings for windows and doors
  • Install windows and door
  • Install the roof system
  • Attach insulation and siding.
  • Have a good night's rest. You deserve it. After all, you did just build your own home!
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