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Home Building Software

You're going to build a house – your dream home. This is no easy task and you have no idea where to start. First of all, what do you want your new home to look like? Will it be a duplex, a bungalow, a log cabin, or a titanium alloy box? The sky is literally the limit. You can be as creative as your budget will allow you.

If you're looking for an easy way to start off the designs on your dream home, though, then you may want to invest in some home building software. Today, more than ever before, home builders have the option of using a home building software to plan and design their dream home via personal computer.

Home building software will help you get started by providing you with an overview of what is involved in home construction. Plus, you'll also get some important project management advice. In easy to use formats, these home building software options let you decide and plan the dream home you always wanted.

You can also take advantage of the long list of tips and advice that many programs come with. Most software programs provide checklists and information concerning what to look for, what kind of financing is available, as well as a personalized budget.

The First Step
During the pre-construction phase, the period of time between deciding to build your own home and actually starting the build, home building software will help you with:

  • Financing - know what to expect when you meet with lenders since these are the people who will decide just how much money you will get for your build
  • Selecting a Site - don't build just anywhere! Before you buy any land, consider the neighborhood, location and how these things will affect your construction costs
  • Architectural Planning - design the perfect home that will fit your budget and the land you're building on
  • Estimating and Bidding Process - helpful tips to make sure you find reliable contractors and suppliers. This feature will also help with cost estimates

The Homebuilder Estimator
Almost all homebuilder software programs have a cost estimator feature that will help you through the financial process. Just some of the things this feature can help you with include:

  • Figuring out new costs and estimates as the project goes along
  • Figuring out the cost per square foot for each job/estimate. Simply enter in the square footage and let the computer take care of the rest.
  • Not sure about building costs, legal responsibilities and liabilities? Don't worry, a homebuilder estimator can provide you with all the information you need and even help you identify possible problems with your contractors and suppliers.
  • Keep track of all your construction quotes in one convenient location.

These invaluable software programs will give you a visual and objective look at your home building process. Still not convinced that home building software programs can help you? Then consider this:

  • Since the program automatically plans everything out in advance, you will save lot's of time and money by avoiding costly mistakes
  • You can improve the productivity on your construction site and make the build run more efficiently by visually planning out everything in advance
  • With the project log files, you can create a permanent databse of all the work you've done. Which means you'll have all the information you need at your finger tips the next time you plan a big construction project

Try Out Working Demos First
Understandably, you may not want to shell out your hard earned money for professional level CAD software and 3D design programs, which can be very expensive. Plus, with the plethora of software programs out there, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which program is the right one for you.

Luckily, many software developers offer free trial versions, complete with full featured working demos, sample software applications and Freeware programs. Take advantage of this free software and see which program best suits your needs.

Which Software Should You Consider?
There are many different types and levels of home building software available in the stores today. While trying free software samples can help narrow down your options, you may still be left with a few software choices. To help yourself decide on just one software program, consider these three things:

  • Your budget
  • Your goals
  • Your computer

Home building software programs cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or more. Obviously, a $50 program will be much more limited in scope and ability than a $1,000 program. However, if you just want to re-do a few rooms in your home and don't want to get bogged down in technical construction jargon, then the basic $50 program may be a better investment.

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the program, the more options, detail and ability you will have to make unique designs. This is because the programs become geared more towards professionals the higher the price. However, the more sophisticated the program you buy, the more sophisticated your computer will have to be.

Home builder software can help simplify your home construction projects. If you are planning on some home renovations, then consider investing in some home builder software.

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