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Buyer's Remorse

Take It And Run: Ilyce's Corner
By Ilyce Glink for Right at Home Daily

From the buyer's point of view, paying list or over list for a home can be tough to swallow. It's even harder if you're not sure you've found the right home, or one that's merely available.

There's a difference between not being sure about whether you really want to buy a particular home and not being able to commit. If you have a commitment problem, you need to explore your fears about buying. If you're paying full freight but aren't sure you want the house, you're ripe for buyer's remorse -- that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps you awake at night.

The only way to avoid buyer's remorse is to do your homework. Make sure you know exactly how much homes are selling for, and what square footage and amenities folks are getting for their money. Once you really know the market, you'll know if you're ready to pay the price - or not.

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