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Closing the Deal

You’ve put in an offer but are wondering if you’ll need to do some haggling to get that house of your dreams. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, How to Negotiate has useful bargaining tips while the pointers in An Offer the Seller Can’t Refuse will make sure your seller responds to your offer. For help paying the right price for your home, How to Get a Fair Deal is invaluable.

Along with your offer comes your purchase and sale agreement. Not sure just what should be in that? Then check out Contract Tip Sheet.

You’ve put your offer in, so now what? The Closing Timeline gives you a "to-do" list from offer to ownership. But of course you can’t forget that paperwork! Process and Paperwork details just what paperwork you will need, and who you will need to inspect your home, once you’ve made an offer.

Not surprisingly, all these inspections, forms, loans, mortgages, and negotiations can make a homebuyer slightly…tense. All Stressed Out? will help you reduce that tension with a handy timeline of what to do when.

The papers have been signed, the downpayment made and that moving day is fast approaching. Help get yourself organized with these handy moving tips!