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If only the buying and selling of a home were as simple as other transactions. In addition to the months of searching and the hours spent comparing mortgage rates and mortgage lenders, there is also a pile of legal paper work to complete. While it can seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

HUD-1 Form Tip Sheet explains just what this sheet is and lists the five things you need to consider when you review your HUD-1 form.

All sellers are required to complete a report that itemizes any problems with the home. Known as the Seller Disclosure Report, this report can help protect you should a non-listed problem occur in your home shortly after you move in.

No home purchase is complete without a home inspection done by a professional. Learn more about what goes on during this inspection and why it is important in Understanding the Home Inspection Report. If you would like to make an offer before a professional inspector can view the home, then check out Home Inspection: 18 Red Flags, which will help you identify potential problems in the home.