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Take It And Run: Ilyce's Corner
By Ilyce Glink for Right at Home Daily

Real estate agents will tell you when it comes to purchasing property, nothing is as valuable as the property's location.

But what exactly do they mean by the mantra: "Location, location, location?" The answer is a little tricky, because brokers aren't just referring to a specific suburb, city or neighborhood.

The first location does refer to the general area in which you choose to live. Selecting that neighborhood can be tough. It should have a good or excellent school district, but be affordable. It should have great public services (like a public library, park district and perhaps a community center) and low crime. It should be a beautiful place to live, but have the shopping and services you need to make life comfortable and convenient. It should be close to your job, but also close to your friends, family and house of worship.

The next consideration is where in that community is your home located. Neighborhoods vary, in some cities, from block to block. Choosing the right area of a particular neighborhood might mean you're walking distance to shopping or it could mean you're in a community with people who have children the same ages as yours. What attracts us to a particular community is different for each of us.

The third "location" refers to the exact placement of your house on a particular block. In some communities, homes in the middle of the block are prized. In others, it's the corner lots that are coveted. Years ago, I decided not to make an offer on a single family house because it was next door to a condo building. I didn't want my neighbors being able to look down at me while I gardened.

Before you make an offer for a home, consider all of its locations - and which factors are most important to you.

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