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Playing the Negotiating Game

Buying a home is an art. Learn how to recognize the value of a home and pick up some invaluable negotiating strategies to help you become a successful and happy new home owner.

Take It And Run: Ilyce's Corner
By Ilyce Glink for Right at Home Daily

Buying a home means going through a negotiation with the seller. If you don't understand the seller's motivations, you may not get the house—even if you offer the best price.

Many times, sellers don't want to sell. They are either forced to sell because of a job transfer, job loss or some other tragedy, such as the death in the family. Even if they do want to sell, they may not want to move as quickly as you'd like. One reason the seller cannot move quickly is because the next destination has yet to be determined.

To make the right offer, you need to understand the seller's position. You should ask your agent to help you scout out reasons for the sale and change your offer accordingly. For example, if the sellers haven't found a place to live, you might want to be flexible about the closing date.

Knowing the seller's position will improve your chances of getting what you want.

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