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Selling Your Home

So you’ve decided to sell your home, which means you probably want to know just how much your home is worth now. Appreciation of Property outlines how fast different types of homes can increase in value in today’s real estate market. If you're considering selling your home yourself, then you'll definitely want to know how much your home is worth as well as take a look at For Sale by Owner.

Home sellers often pay particular attention to the inside of their home, making sure it looks presentable to buyers. But have you considered what your outside looks like? After all, the outside of your home will be making the first impression. Hardscape and Landscape offers handy tips on making your home more valuable by sprucing up the outside.

Of course, you shouldn’t completely ignore the inside of your home. If you find those rooms of yours looking rather bland these days, think about painting and redecorating. Color is Back explains just how painting in the right colors can be helpful. But remember not to go overboard! Dos and Don’ts of Home Decorating is a must read for every home seller. And for some general tips that are sure to help your home sell, check out Home Improvement.