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Trouble Shooting Guide

Got a problem in your home but you're not sure what to do about it? Then take a look at this handy chart of the most common household problems. Click on a link below or scroll down to see all the solutions to your home dilemmas.

Common Household Problems
Garage Door
Toilet Runs
Water Stains - Ceiling
Water heater Leaks

Toilet Leaks
Shower or tub drains too slowly
Toilet Burp
Bathroom - Sewage odor
Water not hot enough
No Hot Water
Toilet Flush poorly
Water leaking under sink

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Item Symptom Common Cause Common Remedy
Garage Door Keeps re-opening with no apparent obstruction The travel setting is too high. Considers the floor as an obstruction Adjust the travel setting
Doors and Windows Forum
Water Leaking Under Sink Bottom of floor or cabinet wet Loose connections.
Trap pipe corroded
1. Check for and tighten any loose connections
2. Replace washers in trap
3. Replace trap
Plumbing Forum
Water Drains too Slow From Shower or Tub Water Drain slow from shower or tub Drain stopper not fully open.
Drain stopper clogged by hair
Drain pipe clogged
1. Adjust stopper to allow faster drainage
2. Remove hair from stopper
3. Remove blockage by plunging or snaking or remove, clean and remount trap
Plumbing Forum
Toilet Burp Air bubbles escapes after flushing Improper soil venting or soil vent blocked 1. Look for obvious obstruction
2. Try snaking the vent stack with hose pipe
3. Call a plumber
Plumbing Forum
Toilet runs Toilet runs constantly Flapper not sitting properly or internal shut off valve is malfunctioning.
Water level too high
1. Replace toilet flapper or replace shut off valve kit
2. Reduce water level
Plumbing Forum
Toilet Leaks Floor around toilet wet Wax ring faulty
Crack in bowl
1. Replace wax ring
2. Replace toilet bowl
Plumbing Forum
Toilet Flushes Poorly Toilet does not remove waste Blockage in toilet bowl or drain
Water level too low
Rim holes blocked Wax ring faulty
Crack in bowl
1. Unclog bowl or drain
2. Raise water level in tank
3.Clear rim holes with a hanger Bathroom Forum
Bathroom Sewage Odor Sewage odor comes out of tub drain Drain(s) is missing a trap or water in P-trap has evaporated 1. Add water to drain
2. Trap installation needed (serious DIY'ers only or call plumber)
Bathroom Forum
Water Stains Ceiling Water stain in ceiling where no plumbing or pipes exist Improper attic ventilation - moisture accumulates and condenses then seeps through drywall 1. Remove insulation blocking soffit vents or
2. Remove obstructions blocking gable vents and/or
3. Install attic fan
Walls Forum
Water Heater - Water Not Hot Enough Water not hot enough Thermostat set too low
Water heater too small for demand
Heating element faulty
Thermostat faulty
1. Turn up thermostat on water heater
2. Install 2nd water heater or larger unit
3. Check and replace element
4. Test and replace thermostat
Household Appliances Forum
Water Heater - No Hot Water No hot water Circuit breaker on service panel or heater unit blown or tripped.
Thermostat Faulty
Element Faulty
Pilot flame out
1. Replace fuse or reset breakers
2. Test and replace thermostat
3. Replace element
4. Re-light pilot or replace thermocouple if it won't stay lighted.
Heating and Cooling Forum
Water Heater Leaks Heater leaks from unknown cause. But not from valve Tank in water heater corroded

Replace water heater

Heating and Cooling Forum