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Childproof Your Home For Peace Of Mind

You'd never think of child-proofing your home unless you had kids. I've never had children of my own, but I've had my share of friends and relatives come over--and their kids got into everything, from my kitchen cabinets to bathroom shelves and storage. Some toddlers simply have to be put under the constant surveillance of cameras or listening devices.

Accidents in the home are the single-leading cause of death among young children between one and 14 years of age, another good reason for childproofing. . When my siblings had their first kids, I was amazed at how many child-proof gizmos went into their homes or apartments. It took a few tries before I mastered the adult-only doorknobs and cabinet latches.

If you've bought or rented a home that hasn't been set up for toddlers, you've got some work to do to make it safe. Your bathroom needs child-proof toilet locks, bath mats, cabinet locks, and doorknobs that only grownups can use. Consider child-proof potty seats, spout covers, and tap guards, too, and evaluate what you buy according to standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. recently read a Good Housekeeping review of child-proofing products that evaluated swing gates for the stairs, kitchen cabinet locks, door monitors, fireplace guards, power-strip covers, furniture guards, railing protectors, appliance locks, anti-scalding devices, and window blind safety items.

For parents evaluating renovation projects, it's wise to match up your new cabinets and hardware with accessories to protect your kids during the years of wandering around inquisitively where there are breakable and valuable decorations or potentially dangerous corners, edges, and drops. Consider shopping for bathroom or kitchen door stops and door holders that prevent tiny fingers from getting squished.

Oh, and if you do want to install child video monitors, retailers with systems that fit a wide range of budgets are available. One camera even looks like a daisy on a stem.

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