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How To Build A Fence

There is no easy answer to this question. You have to ask yourself: what kind of fence? What is my timeline? How long a fence? And for what purpose am I building this fence?

Split Rail Fences
Traditional fences like split rail fences are by far the most simple. They were first employed by pioneers, as they could be erected cheaply and quickly to keep their animals in and their enemies out.

Split rail fences do not require concrete but you do have to dig very deep holes for the posts. This originates from back in the day when elbow grease was more plentiful than concrete. Each post is about 4 feet high and each rail is around ten feet long. This can change of course depending on what designs you have in mind.

How to Build a Fence

Wooden Picket Fence
This led to the picket fence, again first used for defense (pickets are sharp) they soon became a decorative favorite of decorators and homeowners harkening back to the good ole days of yesteryore. Picket fences are difficult to build and maintain but they look great.

Each picket can vary in size, but strategic posts, often 4X4 are placed 8 feet apart. On the side of the fence that does not face the street two crossing beams or attached for support. The picket fence is also the best suited for a gate. The gate acts on all of the same principles only each picket is slightly shorter and attached to the post with two joints.

Iron and Aluminum Fences
Now, iron fences and aluminum fences have only been around for a while, but they are quickly becoming favorites. A little more expensive than wooden fences, you don't have to build them. Just buy and install them.

Most often a contractor will do this for you. If not, you'll notice that each post is slightly longer than the individual fence rods. Simply dig appropriately sized equidistant holes and slide the fence posts in.

You will then need to pour in concrete foundations, as metal needs more support than wood.

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