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Home Decor Ideas: Decorating Your Walls

In the rush to decorate our homes perfectly, many of us forget to pay much attention to what can often be the blandest part of any room: the walls. Whether you are living in a new or old home, walls tend to be plain plaster or drywall, and may leave you feeling very uninspired. But your walls don’t have to function as a dull backdrop; instead, your walls should be a place for you to express your style and creativity! Here are some great wall decorating ideas that will help you make the most of your walls!


Painting Your Walls

When it comes to sprucing up bland walls, applying a coat of paint often seems the obvious choice. After all, painting is relatively easy to do and inexpensive, and it can really help bring a room together. But in order to make the most of your walls, don’t just settle for a plain old coat of white paint. Instead, explore your creativity and style by investigating some of the thousands of unique options that are available.

Refinish Your Walls
If your walls are in bad shape, you might first want to refinish them or have them seen by an expert. Paint really draws attention to the walls, and any chips, dents, or cracks will show through. Even out your walls by applying two thin layers of plaster coating. Then sand the wall down in order to get a smooth, even finish. All you need to do next is apply a coat of primer and begin painting!

Go For Color
Though neutrals and pastels can add a relaxing, harmonious feel to any room, they can often be quite dull too. So why not express your wild side by choosing a color that is a little more vibrant? Rich reds, oranges, and purples can really jazz up those walls and provide an excellent backdrop for pictures, wall shelves, and decorative objects.

Try a Faux Finish
Faux finishes can add richness and texture to even the most bland of walls. And they are actually pretty easy to do, even if you are a beginner! Faux finishes can make your walls look like wood, stone, or even marble, and they are a definite point of interest in any home. You may also want to try color washing, in which you apply two coats of paint to the wall, one on top of the other.


Wallpapering Your Walls

Though wallpaper is the brunt of many snide remarks, there is a lot to be said for using wallpaper in your house. Not only does it provide your walls with great color and design, but it also adds texture to smooth (and boring) walls. And wallpaper doesn’t have to look like it belongs in the 1970s anymore; there are now thousands of different kinds of wallpaper to suit any need.

Think Texture:
Go for a wallpaper that has a little texture to it. This will help add interest to your walls and will also add depth. This doesn’t mean that you should head straight for that chipboard look! Instead, focus on wallpaper that has ridges, slightly raised areas, or embossed edges.

Go Wild!
Wall paper doesn’t always have to come from a paint supply store! Almost anything made of paper can function as wallpaper nowadays. So if you have a passion for travel, think about wallpapering your walls with road or topographical maps. Or if you like funky designs, try adding paper bags to your walls. All you need is a little wallpaper paste and your imagination!


Fabrics and Your Walls

Fabric can add warmth and color to any wall, and it works particularly well in the bedroom, living room, and den. Fabrics also work to cover up any damage that may be ruining the appearance of you walls, which can save you on having to refinish! The best fabrics to use are lightweight ones, like silk and cotton. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Cover the Entire Wall: Cover one whole wall with a large piece of fabric. Just pleat and tack the top of the fabric to the top of the wall (where the wall meets the ceiling). Then tack the fabric again at the bottom of the wall. This will make the wall seem larger and will add a very elegant feel.
  • Use it as a Focal Point: Buy a small piece of fabric and use it as a focal point on your walls. Have the fabric framed or just hang it decoratively on the wall. You can even hang areas rugs on your walls!



Adding Art

Artwork has long been a way to jazz up those boring walls. And whatever your style or color scheme there is wall art out there that will work perfectly for you.

Choosing Your Artwork
Because of the huge selection of prints, photographs, and canvasses available, choosing your artwork can be a daunting task. Here are some decorating ideas to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the right pieces for you:


  • Choose pieces that fit in with the mood and style of your home; don’t just choose pieces because you think they are trendy. Trendy pictures tend to go out of style quickly.
  • Choose a color theme to tie your pictures together. This will create a vivid statement.
  • Decide on the function of your room before choosing your artwork. This can help you select pieces that will work well in the room.


Types of Artwork
Artwork isn’t just limited to pictures anymore. Instead, there are lots of funky pieces that now function as great art for any room. Consider hanging photographs, record sleeves, or even a wall mural up in your room!

Hanging Artwork
The way you hang your artwork can really bring some pizzazz to your walls. To create a focal point, try hanging numerous pictures together. You can group them into a shape, such as a square or a diamond, or you can hang them in a straight line. You can also try adding individual lighting to each picture, to help bring attention to those walls! Alternatively, don’t hang your artwork at all! Instead, rest art against your walls by placing pictures on the floor, on top of doorways, or on a decorative shelf.