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How To: DIY Making Your Own Planter

Are you sick and tired of being limited to planting in your tiny garden? Do you feel like adding a little bit of extra style and pizzazz to your garden landscape? If so, a selection of planter boxes can give you extra planting space while spicing up your deck, patio, or windowsill. And with a little time and effort, and the proper tools, you can create your own planter boxes, whatever your needs may be! Here are some great ideas on how to build a variety of fabulous garden planters!


Window Box

Do your windows look a little dull and dreary? If so, why not jazz them up a little by adding a few window boxes to the outside of your home! Not only do these window boxes provide a great spot for growing healthy flowers, but they also add beauty to both the inside and outside of your home! To make a window box all you need is:


  • two 1x6s, each six feet long (pressure treated wood or cedar is best)
  • measuring tape
  • a handsaw
  • an electric drill and drill bits
  • a hammer
  • a miter box
  • wood glue
  • goggles
  • sand paper
  • six finishing nails
  • four wood screws


How To Build:


  • Begin the building process by cutting all of your lumber. Put on your goggles and with your saw cut one 1x6 into two pieces, each 36 inches long. These will form the sides of your window box. Cut the remaining 1x6 into three pieces: one that is 32 inches long (for the base of your planter), and two that are 6 inches long (for the ends of your planter).
  • Sand the edges of your lumber. Be sure to keep your goggles on during the sanding process.
  • You will need to make a 45 degree cut on one end of each of the side pieces of your window box. Use your miter box and saw to make this cut. This will ensure that your window box comes together without any overlap.
  • Join one end of your window box to one of your side pieces using your wood glue. Secure these two pieces of wood using your hammer and a finishing nail. Then, join these two pieces to the base of your box using your glue and another finishing nail.
  • Join the other side of your window box to the end and base pieces using your glue and finishing nails.
  • With your drill, cut three one-inch holes in the base of your planter. This will allow your plants to drain properly.
  • Attach the window box to your window sill using your drill and your four wood screws.
  • Add some soil and a few plants and watch them bloom!



Decorative Planter Box

This decorative planter box is perfect for the deck, patio, or even your driveway. With its decorative edging, it’s great for flowers, shrubs, or small trees - and it’s a breeze to make. All you need is:


  • lumber (wooden deck boards or 2x4s)
  • a saw
  • electric drill and drill bits
  • goggles
  • measuring tape
  • miter box
  • nail gun
  • sand paper
  • galvanized nails


How To Build It:


  • Begin by cutting your wood to size. Using your measuring tape and saw, cut your wooden deck boards or 2x4s into a number of pieces, including: four 17 ½" pieces (for the decorative edging), fourteen 14 ½" pieces (for the front, sides, and runners),and five 10 ½" pieces (for the base). Be sure to wear your goggles.
  • Sand the cut sides of each piece of wood, to prevent splinters.
  • Begin by assembling the front and side walls of your planter box. You will need to use 12 of your 14 ½" lumber pieces for these sections of the box. Place three pieces side by side and nail into place. This will form one side wall. With the rest of the 14 ½" pieces, create the remaining three sides of the planter box.
  • Secure the front and side walls to one another. Using your nail gun, nail the four sides together on a diagonal. This will ensure that your nails don’t show through the wood after the sides have been secured.
  • Create the base of your planter next, using your 10 ½" planks. As with the sides and front of the box, nail these planks together so that they form a level surface. Then, attach the remaining two 14 ½" pieces of wood to the base, to form runners. This will keep your planter elevated off the ground and allow for drainage.
  • Insert the base into the frame of the planter, runner-side down. Secure into place with your nail gun.
  • Create the decorative edging for your planter box out of your 17 ½" planks. Using your miter saw, cut one end of each of these planks at a 45 degree angle. This will ensure that the edging meets seamlessly. Nail the four planks together to form a square frame. Attach this frame to the top of your planter box and nail into place.
  • Add soil and plants and enjoy!