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10' x 16' Elevated Deck
A 10' x 16' Elevated Deck includes a complete stairway, two sided bench railing and bench seating. The primary material is treated lumber which is highly resistant to decay. Banisters are included. This deck is ideal for parties and large family gatherings.


Expect to spend around $2,850.00 for the finished job.

8' x 12' and 8' x 16' Elevated L-shaped Deck
An L-shaped deck can be configured a number of ways to suit your needs. Essentially, this is basically two decks that are joined together. One of the popular configurations include multiple levels wrapped around the corner of your house. The material used to build this deck is pressure treated lumber. This deck includes built-in benches, railing and a complete stairway. Stairways allow access to the yard area from the deck area. Great for large family gatherings and parties as well as quiet leisure outdoor activities.

Expect to spend around $4,500.00 for the finished job

8' x 10' Ground Level Deck
Ground level decks are great for houses built on a concrete slab. An 8' x 10' deck effectively extends the living space of your home. This deck is great for entertaining guests and sun bathing. This deck can be built as an attached deck or a free standing deck in your favorite spot on the lawn.


Expect to spend around $1,200.00 for the finished job.

8' x 16' Roof Deck
Imagine a deck overtop of your garage. Although, not all houses can accommodate a roof deck (at least not without a lot of expense), a roof deck is a great alternative when yard space is limited. It's also great for sun bathing.


Expect to spend around $3,500.00 for the deck, but not including the preliminary work.

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