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Enclosed Porch with Screens

A flying pest can make using your open porch or deck a nightmare. Screening in the area can help maximize the use of your porch, help ensure privacy (using smoke colored screens) and add many years of outdoor enjoyment to your home.


Expect to pay around $4,200.00 for the finished job, consisting of roof installation, an entry screen door and screening for an 8'x14' porch or deck.

Entryway Steps

Older homes may require the replacement of the entryway steps and an additional deck landing. Older wooden material tends to wear out and rot, particularly materials which were poorly maintained and fully exposed to the weather. Rotten steps and decking are not only dangerous, but a liability as well.


Expect to pay around $1,190.00 for a 2 or 3 step entryway deck landing, complete with balusters and railing.

Wheelchair Ramp

When considering a wheelchair ramp, remember to choose an entryway that is functional and convenient. Placing a wheelchair ramp in an inaccessible area will defeat its purpose. Wheelchair ramps help return mobility to people who would otherwise require assistance. Therefore, ramps need to withstand the weight of a motorized cart and well as the person using the ramp. For this DIY job, you will need treated lumber and concrete footings.


Expect to pay around $2,100.00 for a 4' x 15' ramp, complete with a hand rail and balusters.

Partition Wall

Partition walls are a great way to divide larger rooms into smaller rooms without structural changes to your home. For example, a large bedroom can be turned into 2 (or even 3) smaller rooms or a large kitchen can be converted into a kitchen with a separate dining room.


Expect to pay around $900.00 for a standard 10' linear wall with a door way and an installed pre-hung door.

Attic Ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, the attic is one the most often forgotten ares of the home. However, proper ventilation in this area is vitally necessary for the proper heating and cooling of your home. If you own an older home, then there is a good chance that your venting system is not sufficient to properly maintain a cold roof in the winter and a pleasant draft in the summer. But there are several solutions available. One of the most popular is the roof ridge vents. These vents, coupled with vents in the soffit, create their own draft on still, hot days and maintain a consistently cold roof on chilly winter days.


Expect to pay around $500.00 for a 40 linear foot ridge vent and the soffit vents, installed.

Attic Steps

Attic steps are often referred to as a folding stairway, drop down steps, fold down steps or disappearing stairs or stairway. Although attic steps comes in a variety of sizes, the difference in size is generally small enough not to affect the price of installation. Installing attic step generally involves carpentry only, requiring 2 people. Attic steps add to your ability to increase the storage space in your home by providing easy access to the attic. Attic steps of this type are not to be used as a main stairway to the attic.


Expect to pay around $450.00 for the finished, unpainted job.

Select Type of Door

Interior Door

Installing a pre-hung, hollow core split jam door, available from most home center stores, is a straight forward process. However, only proper installation provides years of worry free use. Improper or quick installations could ultimately have you replacing your door relatively soon. These basic doors are not meant to insulate or withstand outdoor weather. Yet, installed properly, these door have proved themselves by standing the test of time. The manufacturing process consists basically of attaching wood veneers to a door frame.


Expect to pay around $135.00 for the finished, unpainted job.

Exterior Door

Exterior doors are often heavy and require two people for proper installation. These door comes in a variety of styles and price ranges. Features include sidelights (doors with windows on the side of the door but not actually in the door itself ) and double sided doors. The size of the rough opening often depend on the style of door chosen.


Expect to pay around $650.00 for a standard pre-hung 32-36" wide, unpainted door, installed.

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