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A dormer is a great way to begin a window treatment for an attic that has been converted into living space. Another benefit of dormers is that they add character to an otherwise plain looking house. Depending on the size and type of dormer you select, you could add significant living space to your home.

Dormers come in two general types:

  • Gable Dormer
  • Shed Dormer

Gable dormers are built in the "A" shape. Shed dormers tend to have a downward shaped flat roof. To learn more about adding one of this window treatments to your attic, see the table below for type, size and ballpark price.

Description Estimated Price
Gable 4 feet $3,000.00  
Gable 7 feet $5,000.00  
Shed 12 feet $5,500.00  
Shed 20 feet $8,600.00  
Shed 30 feet $11,500.00  

You may want to consider doing the dormer installation yourself to help save some money.

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