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If you're considering adding a garage to your home, take a look at the different costs associated with the different types of garages.

Garage Addition

A garage is an investment that can add considerable value to your home. Additionally, a garage can add many useful settings in addition to a shelter for your vehicle. This space can double as a work/hobby shop, a music/dance studio or even an extra storage facility.

When considering a garage, you have several options. Should my garage be attached to my home or detached? Should it be a single car garage or a double car garage? Other considerations, such as what type of siding to use (including brick, clap board, and vinyl) and whether the garage should be heated, are just a few of the questions to ask yourself.

Assumes vinyl siding
Description Estimated
Double Car Garage detached $10,500.00
Double Car Garage detached $9,200.00
Single Car Garage detached $8,500.00
Single Car Garage detached $8,000.00

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Carports are the simplest forms of vehicle shelters. These carports are wood framed using treated lumber set in reinforced 4" thick concrete slab with a gable roof.

Description Estimated
Double Car Carport detached $6,000.00
Double Car Garage detached $5,200.00
Single Car Garage detached $2,600.00
Single Car Garage detached $2,000.00

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Garage Conversion

Converting your garage into living space adds value to your home. Depending on the size of your garage, it can function as anything from a guest bedroom to a full fledge family room. Of course, this is assuming that your current garage is attached to your home. Detached garage conversions present a different set of challenges due to the plumbing, air-conditioning and heating

Finished or Unfinished
Garages are finished to different degrees. Some garages are built complete with electrical outlets and finished walls and ceilings while others are built to a garage shell. As with any construction project, check with your local building department about any permits and code requirements for your project.

Since the conversion may involve adding additional electrical outlets to meet current codes, at the very least, an electrical permit may be required. The good news is that your conversion may only consist of adding partition walls, floor covering, heating and air conditioning.

First Class Standard
If your project involves adding a ceiling, then you may need to make allowances for adequate ventilation to avoid a potential moisture problem. Since most garages are inherently adjacent to the kitchen where moisture is produced from cooking, inadequate ventilation could lead to a profuse sweating effect in your garage. This is especially true in colder climates. A couple suggestions are to add windows and an attic vent.

Some items to consider when converting your garage include:

  • Adding (additional) electrical outlets
  • Adding insulation
  • Adding an air conditioning and heating system or expanding the existing system
  • Adding partition walls and ceiling
  • Adding (additional) windows
  • Removing the existing garage doors and closing the space
  • Building a frame where the garage doors were removed
  • Adding siding to compliment the space where the garage doors were removed
  • Adding an entry door
  • Adding a floor covering

To attempt to estimate garage conversion prices is especially difficult. Depending on the intended use and the degree of finishing required for your project, your project may range form a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

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