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Is your hallway dark and depressing? Wish you could see the sky when you cook in your kitchen? Want to liven up your evening by the fireplace by looking up at the stars? Then consider installing a sky light!

Let the Light In
Skylights provide a unique lighting function during the day. Essentially, they are a built in roof window. However, they come in many different shapes and size and even surfaces.

There are flat sky windows which basically look like any other window in your home. Bubble skylights have more of a dome shape and protrude out from your roof. Both are available in square and rectangular shapes.

If you like the fresh air, then you may want to install ventilating sky windows rather than the usual skylights that stay shut. Think you can't install a sky light because of your attic? Well, think again. Many companies offer sky tunnels, which use reflective metal tubing to let the sun shine in to your home.

How Much?
The cost of installing a sky window varies. Factors that can affect the price include the slope of your roof, the type of roof system you have (cathedral, flat or gable) and the size of the skylight. However, installing the skylight yourself may help you save some money.


Expect to pay around $1,300.00 for a fixed skylight installed in a cathedral ceiling.

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