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Questions To Ask When Building A New Home

The prospect of building your own new home is an exciting one, but you should also be cautious. There are many tricks and scams out there that prey on buyers who are often blinded by the prospect of owning their own home.

The following are a series of questions you should ask yourself before you venture into the exiting world of home building.

Research the Community

  • Know where you are going to live, whom you will be living next to, and what it’s going to cost to live there. For instance, where are the schools and what are the taxes?
  • Can you afford to shop for groceries in the region?
  • Is it close to your preferred cultural activities?
  • Is the community going to expand, and how? You may have a beautiful view now, but if you have plans to build there, it is likely that others do as well.

Production Home?
Product homes often come straight off the assembly line. Be sure to know all of the problems associated with buying a prefab home.

  • Is your contractor reputable? Most home building contractors are excellent individuals. However, there are always scoundrels hoping to make a quick buck by betraying your trust. Be sure to ask him for references just to be sure.

Property Rights
Property rights vary from county to county.

  • What are your rights? Know what your rights are and be sure that you are comfortable with them. You do have to live there after all. This can include, pets, noise, external air-conditioners, hedge size, deck height, and a number of other things.

Model Homes
Model homes look great, that’s their job. Make sure that when you are considering a home you look past the superficial allure and get to know the real house.

Agents Will Be Agents
Naturally it is an agent’s job to sell you a home. Get to know the tactics they employ before making any serious decision. They sell hundreds of homes, you buy only one. Who needs to be more cautious?

Any salesman selling anything will try to get you to upgrade; their bosses tell them to do this. Just politely say no.

Closing the Deal
When you have the purchase almost complete, most salesmen will spring a surprise on you. Don’t hesitate; just be sure to ink the deal that you had previously agreed upon. Don’t be suckered by any add-ons and extras. If they are things you need, you can add them later. The salesman just wants you to do it early so he can (understandably) make his commission.

I Fought the Law and the Law Won
Try and avoid any legal problems or contract disputes. Make sure everything is in writing and both parties have a copy of the agreement.

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