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Emergency Quick Fixes

It's Raining, It's Pouring
Certainly when it���s storming outside, the last thing you may be able to do is get on the roof. Even if you can, you probably won���t be able to use roof tar to affix a shingle because of the downpour. But in a pinch, these fixes will buy you some time.

1. Apply an emergency patch: Spread your roofing cement with your trowel, stirrer or spatula to the to the hole from the inside of your attic or overhead crawlspace. Apply liberally directly to the decking and work cement until it adheres.
2. Insert a temporary shingle: If you can get to the roof when it���s dry but have no time to install a shingle, use a 2-foot square piece of galvanized sheet metal instead, sandwiched under the healthy shingles just above the defective or absent area.

Emergency Quick FixesEmergency Quick Fixes