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Modern Metal Roofing? Think Practical and Stylish

Many people think of metal roofing as a product that was used on old houses with their standing seam roofs that needs to be scraped and painted every few years to prevent rust. That type of roofing is still available, but there are now many modern metal roofing products with pre-finished colors that look great on just about any home regardless of age or style.

4 Reasons To Consider Metal Roofing

Drive around parts of the country with a lot of colonial homes still standing and you'll see that metal roofing stands up to the test of time and often looks as good as the day it was installed; there aren't too many other roofing products you can say that about. A few reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your home:

  1. Options. There are numerous style choices in metal roofing and there should be many that can complement the design of your home. If you have an older home or a home with a country design, try a panel or shingle with raised seams in pre-finished colors. A contemporary home might look good with diamond shaped metal shingles in contrasting colors and a beach house might be accented with Bermuda style metal shakes
  2. Durability. Pre-finished metal roofing can last many years with minimum maintenance and in some cases the coloring is warranted against fading for up to 30 years
  3. Energy Efficiency. Many metal roofing products are manufactured from recycled materials and are in turn recyclable themselves. You can also purchase "cool roof" metal roofing for your home to help reflect away the sun's radiant heat and lower cooling costs
  4. Cost. Metal roofing prices vary depending on the product you use and where you live, but they are usually competitive with other roofing materials; expect prices to start about $1.80 a square foot for some types of metal panels

Companies such as Atas International, AEP Span, and Imetco provide metal roofing for just about any residential application.