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Pros and Cons of Using Copper Gutters

Copper gutters remove water from your roof while adding beauty to your home, and can do so for many years to come. But before you choose copper gutters for your home, you should know what you're getting into.

What's so great about copper gutters?

  • Longevity. Copper gutters are very durable as they don't rust. It's not unusual for them to last 25 years or longer on a home.
  • Variation. Copper gutters are available in several styles such as half-round, which looks great on historical homes, and the more modern K style. Half-round copper gutters can be purchased with one or both edges beaded to give the guttering more strength and add to its appearance. Most manufacturers sell copper guttering in 10- and 20-foot lengths, which are soldered together to avoid leaky seams and attached to your home with hangers or spikes.
  • Appearance. Some people prefer copper to alternate materials. Keep in mind that copper does acquire a green patina over the years. Some people like it, some don't.

Why would anyone not want to use copper gutters?

  • Material costs: Copper gutters are much more expensive than other gutter materials. Five-inch double-bead copper gutters can cost over $13 a foot depending on where you live, and a 4-inch downspout can be about $11 a foot.
  • Color: Copper gutters gradually change to a green patina over the years; some people like it and some don't.
  • Labor costs: Soldering and fitting the gutter together can make labor costs high. You may pay a little over $3 a foot to have your gutters installed.

Quoted prices are estimates. If you have a generous gutter budget and like the appearance, copper gutters can be a good choice for your home.