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Replacing Wood Shingles And Shakes

Replacing wood shingles and shakes is not difficult, but requires cares so that good shakes or shingles are not damaged in the process.
Once you have located the area that needs replacing, do the following:

Repairing Wood Shingles and Shakes

1. Using a chisel and hammer, carefully split the wood along the grain of the faulty shingle and lift out as much you can. Gently pry up the good shingle above it so you have access to the nails securing the damaged shingle. Repairing Wood Shingles and Shakes
Repairing Wood Shingles and Shakes
Repairing Wood Shingles and Shakes
2. Mindful not to harm the decking beneath, use a shingle ripper to cut the nails anchoring the damaged shingle.
3. If needed, cut the new shingle to size with a roofing saw so that it allows a small expansion gap between the adjacent shingles. Slide it into place so that it protrudes about ¼ inch below the others and secure with two roofing nails, driven at an angle just beneath the upper shingle.
4. Position a wood block about one or two inches thick and about the width of your shingle against the bottom edge (the edge that is ¼ inch lower than the other shingles). Hammer the wood block against the shingle edge until you drive the shingle up and even with the others in the row. The nails should bend and the heads should retreat under the shingle above.
5. If you have any exposed nail heads, slather them with roofing cement.
Hammer Are you replacing your wood shingles and you still need more help with your DIY project? Head over to our Roofing forums and talk to other DIYers!


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