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Roofing Materials: Which Ones Make the Most Sense for Your Home?

Roofing Materials: What Matters?

The roof can be the finishing touch when designing your home's exterior appearance, so style is important. Material and installation costs may also be a consideration, if you're on a budget. Keep in mind that replacing an entire roof can be costly. Roofing materials and reputable contractors offering longer warranties provide added insurance from expensive repairs.

A few popular roofing materials to take a look at:

  • Asphalt shingles were once an old stand-by. Today, they are available in many colors, designs, and weights. A 40-year dimensional asphalt shingle can add depth to your roof and a look that resembles slate--at a fraction of the cost. Pricing for asphalt shingles starts at about $60 a square, and runs well over $100 a square for designer shingles. Installation is usually around $70 a square, depending on your location.

  • Cedar shakes can now be purchased as FSC-certified shakes, which makes them a "green" building product. Cedar shakes usually range from $140-$180 per square to purchase and $130-$160 per square to install. While beautiful, cedar shakes are generally not a good roofing choice for wet climates.

  • Metal roofing materials are designed as shingles and panels. "Cool panels" provide the added satisfaction and savings of an Energy Star rating. Metal shingles and panels usually start around $170 to $180 per square and cost $70 to $120 per square to install.

These are just three of the most popular roofing materials installed on homes today. Talk to a local roofing contractor about custom materials and styles that may be available.

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