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Vinyl Gutters: Inexpensive and Maintenance-Free

Even though vinyl gutters have been around a while, they're still relatively young technology compared to gutters made from aluminum, copper, or steel; a lot of people don't even know this economical and low-maintenance option is available. If it's time to install new gutters on your home, here are some reasons to consider vinyl.

Why Choose Vinyl Gutters?

Vinyl gutters are very DIY friendly and, depending on the size of your home, you may be able to install your own gutters over a weekend. The gutters and downspouts are normally sold in 10 foot sections that snap together easily. Gutters are held in place by hidden hangers, and sections can be cut to fit with a household saw.

Vinyl gutter materials are inexpensive to purchase, and most contractors don't charge much to put them up. Contemporary K style 5 inch vinyl gutters cost a little over a dollar a foot to purchase and traditional K goes for about $1.40 a foot for the same size; that's a bargain when compared to copper gutters at about $13 a foot. Contractors normally charge about $3 a foot for installation, but rates can vary. Most home improvement stores carry better-known brands of vinyl gutters such as Raingo, Repla K, and Genova. Here are a few other benefits vinyl gutters offer:

  • No rusting or rotting
  • Won't dent or chip
  • Very durable; some manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties
  • Can be painted if desired

About the only downside to vinyl gutters is they can get brittle in very cold temperatures and might be susceptible to cracking, but if you don't live in the extreme northern part of the country, vinyl gutters can be an economical option for your home.