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Everybody wants a great deal, it's a fundamental part of human nature. However, in many industries the ability to obtain a fantastic deal for a great service is lacking. One great example of this was paid television services prior to the advent of satellite TV.

How Much?!
Before the introduction of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technology in 1994, which is the technology responsible for the explosion of satellite TV popularity, cable television cornered the market of paid television services. Working almost like a monopoly, cable television providers were able to charge high rates for a limited amount of channels without even capitalizing on the growing technology that made it possible for TV programming to contain the best picture and sound quality. Thankfully, things have changed in the paid television services industry with the growth of satellite TV.

Although satellite TV technology had been accessible since the 1970s, it was not until 1994 that it became truly accessible. Older satellite TV models used equipment that was cumbersome, including a gigantic satellite dish that would often monopolize people's backyards.

Nowadays, DBS technology utilizes a smaller, more convenient satellite dish to broadcast the ever-increasing television programming that satellite TV providers offer to their subscribers. Now it is possible for television lovers to obtain cheap satellite TV. This is because satellite TV is competing with cable TV to become the preferred paid television service in America. The positive effects of this competition have become increasingly evident.

To Your Benefit
To balance the 100% digital picture and CD sound quality that digital TV providers are able to supply for all of their programming, cable TV providers have conveniently developed digital cable. Understanding the importance of prices in consumer's minds, the prices of these much improved television services is quite low. Satellite TV providers realize that they cannot charge rates for their subscription packages that are significantly higher than cable TV packages.

In addition to this general competition between the satellite TV industry and the cable TV industry, is the battle going on within the satellite TV industry. Two satellite TV providers have grown to be the giants within their field. Direct TV was the first satellite TV provider to utilize DBS technology and, as a result, they are currently the leading satellite TV provider. However, the Dish Network has constantly been at Direct TV's heals since its launch in 1996.

With a larger number of satellite bandwidth allocations that enables it to offer more channels than Direct TV, the Dish Network has constantly pushed for advancements within satellite TV service. This competition has enabled satellite TV to improve drastically. It has also made it possible for individuals to obtain cheap satellite TV, as these two companies strive to improve their services for a lower price to win the heart of the American TV loving public.

An Enticing Offer
For the most part, it is easy for an interested individual to obtain cheap satellite TV by taking advantage of the introductory offers both satellite TV providers have. Direct TV and the Dish Network understand that switching to satellite TV is a huge adjustment for people. As a result, they have to offer incentives to entice individuals to use their services.

Both satellite TV companies offer the necessary satellite TV equipment for free to new subscribers. Additionally, both the Dish Network and Direct TV offer free installation of the satellite TV equipment in exchange for a 12-month subscription to their services. Considering that satellite TV equipment can be very expensive, these introductory deals provide bargain lovers access to extreme savings.

Direct TV and the Dish Network offer fantastic introductory deals in order to wet the pallet of curious TV lovers. However, you often have to sign a 12-month contract to get them. Once the introductory offer expires, they can make up for their losses (your savings) through the regular subscriber fees that you will then start to pay. The Dish Network and Direct TV are also able to take advantage of one of the greatest perks of satellite TV, which is variety.

The Spice of Life
Different packages are offered on a sliding scale, with the more expensive packages allowing access to a larger number of television channels. Currently, the Dish Network offers basic packages that range from $24.99 per month to $77.99 per month. Direct TV, on the other hand, offers basic packages that range from $36.99 per month to $87.99.

Although it is more expensive, the Direct TV basic package has a larger number of channels than the Dish Network's basic package. With the continued growth of satellite TV, it would not be surprising if these already favorable monthly subscription packages decreased in price.

As monthly subscriptions are how most satellite TV providers make the bulk of their profit, you should expect to be reasonable when it comes to looking for cheap satellite TV. Cheap monthly subscription packages will eventually end. But there are other areas involved in satellite TV service that will enable you to reach your goal of savings.

Other Good Finds
To obtain cheap satellite TV service, you have to look past monthly fees and examine what other cheap services the satellite TV providers are able to offer you. As a part of obtaining satellite TV service, you should expect free delivery of the satellite TV equipment that the satellite TV services use. Additionally, free installation of this satellite TV equipment will allow you to save the money you would have spent if you were to have your satellite TV installed by a professional technician.

Satellite TV providers should also offer three months of the basic package and local channels for free when you sign up to their services. Another component of receiving excellent cheap satellite TV service is to have your satellite TV service connected to multiple receivers. This will allow you to have satellite TV service for all of the TVs within your home!

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