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Every single Direct TV customer has different needs and Direct TV understands that. That's what they have put together combination packages that let you custom design you Direct TV system to get everything you want, at a price you'll find acceptable.

Getting What You Want
While getting Direct TV in your home is simple, there are some steps that you will have to take to ensure that you have the viewing options that you want. This includes:

Bless the Free Market
In most cases, the satellite TV market is so competitive that each service provider is willing to bend over backwards to get one of these units into your home. In fact, the providers usually end up losing a substantial amount of money on the hardware offered to the public. How they end up making their money, however, is through the programming packages.

If you shop around, you should be able to find a provider that will give you a package that has the basic equipment for free. Plus, most providers offer free installation along with a number of receivers for a reduced price.

With satellite tv, in order to watch different stations on different TV's, you need a separate receiver for each TV. All in all, satellite providers usually give away as much as $200 worth of equipment in their introductory offers.

Your Own Package
The most basic Direct TV package is the Total Choice programming bundle, which gives you 130 channels. Plus, you'll recieve various sports channels, like NFL Sunday ticket, arguably the most coveted sports channels out there.

Of course, there are other programming packages out there. Direct TV has made it convenient for you to pick the programming package that you want. This can include movies, children's programming and news and information stations. Do a little browsing and you're sure to find something that suits you.

Best of the Best
Currently, the best of the best in home satellite television is the HDTV/TiVo satellite receiver, offered only by Direct TV.

While this system will set you back around $1000, it is the pinnacle of home entertainment. Direct TV offers scores of High Definition channels, so your investment will not be squandered. The TiVo feature, meanwhile, allows you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

TiVo also allows you to stop, rewind or fast-forward the program that you are watching. Have to go to the bathroom? Not a problem with TiVo; just pasue your show and you wont miss a second.

Better still, TiVo will automatically search every channel for all of your favorite shows. It will then record them and even suggest similar shows on similar channels. And, naturally, all of this has pure digital picture and sound.

Another great benefit of the service providers reliance on your subscription for income is that they need your equipment to be working in order to be paid.

As a result, warranties for dishes and receivers are about as cheap as they come. For instance, an unlimited 3-year warranty can cost you as little as $25. This is a great value considering it ensures that you will have a working satellite dish for that length of time.

Couch Surfing vs. Web Surfing
As well all know, high speed Internet is not available in every city and neighborhood in the United States. Direct TV realizes that, which is why they have recently introduced their satellite high-speed Internet service.

In all honesty, the prices and service are not comparable to regular high-speed services. But, if you need high speed Internet at a cottage cabin, it can be a real lifesaver.

In most cases, you'll end up paying around $50 per month for the service. There is often a contract and you cannot perform some functions like up loading. Obviously, you would need a high power transmitter for that. But it will let you surf wherever you want to.

All in all, Direct TV offers some great packages and deals for the televsion lover.

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