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Interested in getting a top-of-the-line satellite system? Then you should know what HDTV satellite receivers and other satellite tv equipment will be compatible with your current system requirements.

What's Out There
First of all, there are a number of DISH Network dishes, Dish Network receivers, as well as advanced systems. They are mostly available through various Dish Network TV deals that depend on the different satellite TV dealers.

A Dish Network system is the perfect home entertainment system that brings your television set to another level of viewing pleasure. When you subscribe to the Dish Network, you will discover that you can watch all the movies you love as well as educational television series and televison games that you you enjoy.

Low Prices
If you're sick of paying really high cable bills and not being able to find anything interesting to watch on television, than a Dish network deal is the right deal for you. Dish Network will provide the equipment so you can hook up to the best entertainment providers in the industry.

Naturally, satellite television options will give you an opportunity to watch exactly what you want to watch. This is because Dish Network programming gives you access to all the channels that you want to watch. When you start using your Dish Network equipment, you are going to discover a whole new world of televsion entertainment that will make you quite happy to have left your cable provider behind.

Pleasing to the Eye
We care about the food we eat, how and where we sleep, how we spend our free outdoor time – we usually want all these parts of our lives to be of the highest quality. This reasoning should also apply to our television watching. There's absolutely no reason to deny yourself a state-of-the-art Dish Network system. But before you can take a part in the Dish Network, you have to have the right equipment to make your sophisticated television watching possible.

The Receivers
The Dish Network offers a multitude of different recievers. They all come with different features, so you're sure to find just the right one for you.

DISH 322: Has two tunners for independent satellite TV watching on two different televisions. The receivers come in an elegant chassis design. The features of this receiver include:

  1. Two tunners designed for independent viewing of satellite TV programming in two different rooms joined by a single receiver.
  2. Agile modulated mono output that can send the second tuner's signal to a number of televsion systems through home distributions feature.
  3. DISH network Home Interactive TV.
  4. On-screen EPG - Electronic Program Guide that has access to up to two days of program listings and all the information about Dish Network channels.
  5. Parental control locks that feature favorite lists, program browising as well as one-touch channel return, alternate audio and closed-caption support.

DISH 111: This entry-level satellite receiver has been designed to look pretty and save space. It is the ideal reciver for a subsequent receiver in households that are fond of the multi-receiver option. Similar to DISH 322, it has Home Interactive TV that customizes your television experience with personalized weather, sports and games reports. Some other features include:

  1. Customer support through Home Interactive TV.
  2. 2-day on-screen and interactive Electronic Program Guide.
  3. Parental control locks with favorites lists, themes lists as well as program browse lists.
  4. Caller ID feature.

DISH 301: Another of DISH Network's entry-level satellite receivers, it has a number of special features. It is designed in a style similar to DISH 322: sleek and elegant. DISH 301 also uses the DISH Home Interactive User Interface that offers interactive features that make your televison viewing experience the most unique. Some of its features include:

  1. DISH Interactive Electronic Program Guide and interactive capabilities.
  2. Favorite lists with program information, program browse and themes lists.
  3. Closed caption support and parental control locks.
  4. Caller ID.
  5. Infrared 4-component universal remote control that can be programmed to operate through it with up to three extra components like TVs, VCRs and DVD players.

DISH Player-DVR 510: This satellite receiver is capable of recording up to one hundred hours of programming on a 120 GB hard-drive. It includes DISH Video-On-Demand Service that makes it possible to pause live TV as well as record standard definition DISH Network programming, skip recorded commercials and make instant replays. Its features include:

  1. DISH Video-ON-Demand Service allows you to pause, play, stop, fast forward and rewind live TV
  2. 120 GB hard-drive.
  3. Up to 100 hours of hundred percent digital personal video recording.
  4. It records Dolby Digital where available.
  5. It has up to a 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide.

DISH Player-DVR 522: An advanced dual tuner with two TV output satellite receivers, it also has an integrated digital video recorder (DVR). The dual tuners and two TV outputs make it possible to record two shows at the same time and allow independent viewing of live satellite TV programming and recorded events when it's connected to two televisions. Features of this reciever include:

  1. Dual satellite tuners that provide a number of multi-room viewing options.
  2. Picture-In-Perfect option.
  3. DISH Video-On-Demand service that allows the viewer to play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast reverse and skip forward live TV.
  4. 120 GB hard drive.
  5. Up to one hundred hours of 100% digital video recording.
  6. Records Dolby® Digital™ where available.
  7. It has up to 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide.

DISH Player-DVR 921: A dual-tuner satellite receiver, it receives and records high definition television programming directly from DISH Network and off-air digital broadcasts. It does this through digital video recorder (DVR) technology. Some of its features include:


  1. DISH Video-On-Demand Service that allows you to pause, play, fast forward and fast reverse live TV.
  2. Combined standard definition and high definition two-tuner satellite receiver that provides Picture-In-Perfect option (PIP).
  3. 250 GB hard drive.
  4. "Platinium Plus" UHF/Infrared 4-component universal remote control.
  5. Up to 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide.

The Model 6000U: This reciever delivers standard and high definition (HDTV) satellite programming. Some of its features are:

  1. Outputs 720p or 1080i HDTV resolutions for highest quality watching.
  2. High Definition (HD) as well as Standard Definition (SD) content that can be viewed from the HD video outputs.
  3. Dolby® Digital Output option.
  4. Caller ID.
  5. Regular features include parental control locks, program information, themes lists, favorite lists, program browse, automatic and manual event timers as well as one-touch channel return, closed caption support and alternate audio support.

Making it Complete
To make the most of your Dish satellite system, you may want to consider purchasing some accessories. Other DISH network equipment includes the follwing accessories:

IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit: Helps you connect your DISH Network IR receiver to multiple TVs throughout the house. Additionally it allows convenient, remote-controlled operation of an infrared DISH Network satellite receiver from anywhere in your house.

Wireless Modem Jack: This device turns any electrical outlet into a modem/phone jack. It's a fast and easy way to hookup for impulse pay-per-view and it's very easy to install.

Spare Remote Control: If you're like most people, you probably spend some time couch-diving, searching for the lost treasure of a remote control... If your remote gets lost, stepped on or is Sparky's favorite chewing toy, then do yourself and your family a favor and order a spare remote.

NEW! Surge Protector: This accessory will protect your investment with the latest and greatest surge protector out there. Surge Protector has eight outlets and numerous outstanding features. This surge protector is the best way to safeguard your equipment from electrical problems. Surge Protector has a lifetime guarantee.

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