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Love your DISH Network but are a little unsure just how they manage to let you watch so many channels? Well, then read on to find out!

How the Dish Network System Works
The DISH Network system consists of a satellite dish (usually 24" x 36") that gets mounted on or near your house or business office. It can also be attached to an RV or even a private jet plane. The satellite dish is larger in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, about 1.2 meters in circumeference.

Your satellite dish must have a clear, unobstructed view of one the main satellites of your DISH NETWORK provider. These are usually located about 22,300 miles up over the Equator in the southern sky. There are two standard cables, called coaxial cables, that connect your satellite dish antenna to the network satellite modem. This modem in turn is connected to your computer via a USB (StarBand Model 360 modem only) or Ethernet connection.

Your network company sends requests to the Internet and receives Internet content via satellite. The satellite communicates with the network company's hub facility, which has a direct connection to the Internet and you are able to receive your images and sound.

No telephone connection, dial-up account or other Internet service providers are needed and your DISH Network company should provide all the necessary equipment once you agree on a package that is right for you.

Making it Work
Here is some of the equipment that you should have in your dish network system package:

  • DISH Network receiver
  • DISH Network cards
  • DISH Network satellite
  • DISH Network guide
  • DISH Network remote
  • DISH Network test cards

Why the DISH Network System is Superior
First of all, Satellite TV systems, and in particular Dish Network, are often a much better value than Cable TV. If you think about it, you'll realize that cable TV has a number of additional costs, such as franchise fees or taxes, on top of your normal monthly fees.

It's true that the Dish Network requires higher initial costs if you buy the equipment upfront. But once you commit to 12 months of services, you can get up to four receivers and free professional installation in up to four rooms of your home. Additionally, DISH Network system will offer you fantastic interactive features that are not available on Cable TV. For example, you can get access to customer support or even pay your bills just by using your remote control.

Additionally you can take advantage of unique programs, such as Instant Weather, News on Demand, Games, Horoscope, Lottery, Sports and even do some actual shopping – all of this is available through DISH Networks system!

Perhaps one of the best options DISH has to offer is a feature called PVR (Personal Video Recording). This great feature lets you pause and even rewind live broadcasts. Besides those functions, it also makes it easy to record your favorite programs so you can watch them when you want to.

Other features of the DISH Network system is its programming. Most satellite TV providers are now able to use digital compression techniques that can handle up to ten times as many channels on their satellite transponders. What this means for you is that with Dish Network system, you can get more channels than with Cable TV for a similar or sometimes much better overall price with additional deals. For example Dish Network system programming offers more sports, movies, entertainment and international programming than most Cable TV providers.

In some remote rural areas, Cable TV is simply not an option because it is not available. With the Dish Network system, the receiving system is currently available anywhere in United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as long as there is an undisturbed line of sight to the position of the satellite in the sky. Naturally, you can receive a much better picture and sound from Dish Network since Dish Network's transmission quality is 100% digital – Cable TV simply can't compete with this feature.

Growing All the Time
It's true that in the last three years there has been a significant DISH Network TV system subscriber growth rate. According to a study by Nielson Media Research, in the year 2002 television households in the Susquehanna Valley, U.S. increased by more than eight thousand. Yet, during the same period, cable households dropped by almost eighteen thousand households. People are drawn to DISH Network systems and other alternative systems because cable televsion doesn't seem to be able to meet most viewers expectations.

With the on-going race for better technology between satellite, cable and other types of communication, providers are always making sure that they are bringing out better technologies. Dish network system is one of the technologies that is currently unbeatable.

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