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Since 1994, satellite TV has grown at an incredible rate. Its popularity has reached a point where the two giant satellite TV providers, Direct TV and the Dish Network, are battling each other plus cable television services for the heart of the American TV lover. Due to the increasing high stakes and the stunting of cable TV growth, the paid television market has changed drastically.

Something for Nothing
As any economics teacher will tell you, competition is great for the consumer. Previously the domain of cable TV services, which monopolized it with an iron fist containing high prices for limited channels, the paid television industry is now vulnerable to change and is all the better for it. Exceptional deals for TV services that have large ranges of channels with astonishing picture and sound quality are now available for low rates.

Some people are simply not content with obtaining excellent services for cheap prices. Whether it's satellite TV or a ketchup packet, everyone wants to get something for free. It's just a natural human desire. However, most people are under the impression that this goal of obtaining free things is too hard to really be pursuing.

Yet, not trying to obtain free satellite TV is a defeatist attitude that is completely contrary to the reality. The fact of the matter is that it is actually easy to obtain free satellite TV service. This is because most satellite TV providers are offering the satellite TV equipment required to broadcast the advanced satellite TV signals for free! Even ten years ago, the thought of a free satellite dish would have been difficult to fathom.

To obtain free satellite TV, all you have to do is take advantage of the promotion deals that are being offered by the Dish Network, Direct TV and other satellite TV providers. Most current promotional deals include a free satellite TV dish, up to four free receivers and free professional installation in order for you to fulfill your satellite TV needs.

Why Pay More
The reason why satellite TV providers are able to offer the satellite TV equipment and installation for free is because of the nature of the industry. Recognizing that it is in competition with cable television, satellite TV providers believe that it is imperative to have television lovers feel comfortable with their services. Satellite TV providers understand that it is unreasonable for them to expect subscribers to pay for monthly satellite services in addition to initial satellite TV setup costs such as buying a satellite TV dish and paying for installation of the satellite TV dish.

As satellite TV providers make the bulk of their profits through their monthly subscription packages, they are able to swallow these initial costs for the equipment and installation. This is because they feel strongly that satellite TV is exciting enough that subscribers will want to continue a long-term commitment with these satellite TV providers.

Getting it for Free
You don't have to be a friend of a friend of somebody who works at a satellite TV provider to obtain free satellite TV. All you have to do is be patient, take the necessary time to do your homework on satellite TVs and do some heavy bargaining with the satellite television providers. Once you have taken those steps, you should have little trouble finding a satellite television provider that will supply each of the following 7 items to you for free:

1. Brand new satellite receivers, which are used to convert the signals transmitted from the satellite dish to the visual and sound content that you see on your television.

2. An 18" satellite dish, which is used to obtain the signals transmitted from broadcasting satellites that are located in the geostationary orbit.

3. Professional installation of your satellite TV system, which includes all of the necessary wiring.

4. Free shipping of the satellite TV equipment.

5. A monthly satellite TV subscription rate that is cheaper than the rates charged by cable TV providers.

6. Instant ordering of satellite TV whether through online networks or over the telephone.

7. The option to obtain a digital recorder (TiVo) that will be installed with your satellite service.

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