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If you are considering satellite television, prepare yourself for the many options available. The process is not as simple as having your satellite television installed, turning on your television, and grabbing a tub of popcorn to watch your favorite movie. Be prepared to answer the questions the satellite representative will be asking.

Do you want DVR with your satellite?

What is DVR? DVR stands for digital video recorder. This option allows you to record your favorite programs or movies. You can set your DVR to record using your remote at home. Or if you are away and wish to record a program, you and also set your DVR from a cell phone or computer. This option allows you to record and watch the programs at your convenience. In addition, DVR allows you to pause while watching in real time. Once you return, you can pick up where you left off and fast-forward through commercials. DVR also allows you to rewind to review something you missed.

Which satellite television package do you prefer?

Most likely the salesperson on the other end of the line will try to persuade you to purchase the most expensive package with numerous channels. He or she will try to convince you that higher priced package is the best value. True, it probably is the best value. However, if you and your family do not watch or have an interest in over 200 channels, then you are spending money on a service you do not use. Thoroughly read the package terms, conditions, and options. Also, review the list of channels offered in each package. Then determine if the extra fee a month is worth those extra channels. The salesperson will also offer you movie channels such as HBO and Showtime. These options may not be included in the package of your choice and come at an extra charge per month.