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In your search for the best in home entertainment, you have probably run into the name Pegasus a couple of times. But you still might not be sure what exactly Pegasus is. The following will clarify many of your questions and give you some idea if Pegasus is right for you.

It's Not a Horse
Essentially, Pegasus Satellite TV is the largest independent provider of Direct TV in the United States. Pegasus' main target market is the rural areas of the United States while Direct TV Corporation concentrates on larger metropolitan areas.

Together, both companies can provide comprehensive service to all parts of the country. In fact, they have been so prolific that J.D. Power and Associates named them the no. 1 TV provider for the past two years.

It is understandable how they got to be so large. Almost 85% of the United States is considered to be a rural area. This is a lot of ground to cover with a lot of customers. In fact, there are over 90 million Americans in rural areas and at least 3 million businesses. Pegasus is the only television provider that is solely dedicated to rural areas on a national level. This gives its consumer's unprecedented agency when it comes to getting the programming they want.

Pegasus wants their rural customers to be happy. As a result, they can directly apply pressure on Direct TV to offer more and more service in those areas. This includes specialty channels and most importantly local channels, which are still the major drawback of satellite TV. Plus, they can offer these services at a huge cost advantage over cable TV.

Not All Services are Equal
There are some differences in the service Pegasus provides and often this varies on a state-to-state level. For instance, in some states the base package will cost you $37 per month, while in others you'll pay close to $40. It may not be a huge difference but it is something to consider.

Because Pegasus is roaming the country looking for new customers, they often have promotional deals that are better than those given in the city. These deals often include a couple months of service for free and you may even get the hardware for free. Pegasus is very concerned with having loyal customers.

Surfing the Net
Because Pegasus specializes in rural areas, they are also the experts at high-speed satellite Internet. If you live in a rural area, you've surely had a little trouble getting high-speed Internet.

As well all know, high speed Internet is not available in every city and neighborhood in the United States. Pegasus realizes that, which is why they have recently introduced their satellite high-speed Internet service.

To be fair, the prices and service are not comparable to regular high-speed services. But, if you need high speed Internet at a cottage or remote cabin, it can be a real lifesaver.

In most cases you'll end up paying around $50 per month for the service. There is often a contract and you cannot perform some functions. But it will let you surf whenever you want to.

Too Good to be True?
The only real drawback to Pegasus is that they do not offer free installation. They feel that by covering such a large area of the United States, it would be impossible to have installation technicians in every small town. Also, rural people tend to be a little handier when it comes to do-it-yourself jobs, so there is never really an issue.

In fact installing the dish and the receivers is quite easy. The dish, which does not have to be mounted on a roof, needs a clear path to the sky and must be pointing south. The dish never moves because the satellites in orbit are moving in a geosynchronis orbit.

Pegasus does admit that they have more problems when people install the dishes on their own. This is to be expected considering that, more often than not, it is the persons first time installing a satellite dish.

If you do have any problems you can always reach them at their 24-hour tech support line. Surely they have heard it all and will have no problem setting things straight. Otherwise, you can also hire a local technician to install it for you.

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