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Satellite TV Pricing

Money talks, and when it comes to satellite TV prices, they are generally more affordable than that of cable television. Cable fees average $39.99 a month across the continental United States. These prices include about 64 channels. And, additional receivers for cable television run customers about $9.95 a month. Tack that onto the $39.95 installation fee, and you will soon find your pocket book becoming quite thin.

On the other hand, satellite TV pricing averages $31.99 a month across the country, with over 115 channels offered for that price. Installation and additional satellite equipment is generally free, so the start-up fees are much less than that of cable television.

Finding the Specific Prices

It is in your best interest to search the different programming guides offered by both satellite and cable companies. Both providers offer price lists, detailing the basic packages and how much they cost.

It is also wise to create a list of price questions. Make sure you ask the companies about the additional costs, including set-up, installation, additional control boxes or dishes, and additional programming. These questions will save you time and money.

Local channels bring you the latest local news and weather. They also carry the major networks, such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. So, be sure to ask how much extra local channels will cost. Rarely are these channels included in the basic package price.

Also ask the companies about any special pricing or deals they are offering. You may want to ask them where you can get promotional codes. These savings can be significant.

Finally, ask how much extra a DVR device would cost. These devices allow you to record your favorite shows. Some satellite companies offer them free with their services.

So, shop around. Get the package information and prices. Then, compare the cable and satellite companies. By taking the time to research, you can save money!