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Satellite TV

Satellite TV

Most satellite companies will offer to install and set up your unit for you, free of charge. While this is a nice feature, sometimes "free" isn't really free. Sometimes it means signing a contract or agreeing to one of the higher costing programming packages, which may or may not be what you are looking for. The other option would be for you to just install it yourself; there are always some real motivated go-getters who would choose this route anyway.

I'm Installing My New Satellite Myself, So Now What?

The dish will come with instructions, giving specific details on installation. You'll want to start with mounting your satellite on the roof or eaves of your house. Most satellite units need to be facing the southern sky for best reception. If you are unsure, drive around your neighborhood and see where your neighbor's satellite is pointed. Once you've secured the dish, you'll want to fill in around bolts with a sealant to ensure that rain doesn't get underneath your roofing.

Running the Cable for Your Satellite

Next, run the cable from dish to the inside of your home. In most cases there is already a space for the cable connection from a previous owner, but if not, you can drill a hole to pass the cable through. The best option would be to go through a basement; it just looks better. You may also want to tack the cable to your house to given a better look and ensure less ware over time. At this point you need to take the cable and attach it to your satellite box (sometimes called a DVR) inside. This is what deciphers the signal coming in and creates the picture on the TV. Now you are ready to set up your programming and hook up the surround sound. Once the hook-up is complete, enjoy your new satellite dish!