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Paint Problems On Siding

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Blistering and Peeling Blistering and peeling can occur when moisture gets trapped between the layer of paint and the material the paint is applied to. Wood can hold incredible amounts of moisture and should be allowed to cure before painting. Blistering also occurs when paint is applied in direct sunlight. Scrap and/or sand down to bare wood. Wood should be allowed to cure before using an alkyd primer or sealer. Surfaces should be dry and clean. Prime prior to painting. Apply paint in shaded areas - follow the shade around the house. Latex paints allow wood moisture to escape. Alkyd (oil) paints seals wood completely
Paint Peeling Peeling is generally a result of a poor bond between an old coat of paint and a new coat of paint. Clean surface thoroughly with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) or with bleach and soapy water. Apply fresh paint to thoroughly cleaned weathered paint surface. Avoid priming and painting cold surfaces Test for good bond by applying tape to painted surface and jerk off tape. If paint sticks to tape paint bond is poor
Paint Cracking Cross-grain cracking occurs when paint coatings become too thick. This problem often occurs on older homes that have been painted several times. Paint usually cracks in the direction it was brushed onto the wood. Strip old paint down to bare wood and apply fresh primer and paint. Chemicals, a heat gun and/or scraper should be used to remove paint.
Mildew Mildew is a fungus that causes discoloration. Ripe conditions for mildew growth includes, low light, moisture and poor ventilation. Clean surface thoroughly with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) or with bleach and soapy water. Improve ventilation and, if possible improve lighting conditions. Use a paint formulated with a fungicide additive. Trisodium Phosphate is available in most paint stores.
Bleeding Rust colored stains on surfaces caused by rusting nails. Replace rusted nail heads with rust resistant nails or sand existing nail heads and cover with a rust inhibited primer before painting Latex paints are formulated with water. The water can promote rust. Surfaces with exposed nail heads should be primed with a rust inhibitor prior to using latex paints.