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Popped Nails

Weather can warp wood siding and cause nails to pop out, making siding look unsightly. Just like losing a hubcap on your car, there is no quicker way to lose elegance than to have a board warp away from your house and leave a budding forest of nail heads.

If you've sprung only a couple nails, anchor them back in place by driving them back in with a hammer, fill the holes with exterior wood putty, prime and paint and everything should be restored as good as new. If the nails don't anchor firmly, however, you'll need to yank them out and replace them with screws that are slightly wider and longer than the original nail. Once you have them in place, putty, prime and paint.

If your wood boards are stained instead of painted, follow the same instructions but putty with one matching your wood's color, stain and coat with water sealant.

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