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Siding Installation: Easy DIY for Beginners

The current state of the economy is causing many homeowners to contemplate doing projects around the house themselves rather than hiring contractors. Working on your own home can be fun and families often find that doing their own projects can make using them much more enjoyable. If you want to be a DIYer, you have to start somewhere and an easy siding installation might be a good place.

Siding Installation for the DIYer

The easiest types of residential siding for a beginning DIYer to install are usually vinyl, fiber cement, and wood and in most cases they require using similar tools. A few of the tools you may need for your siding installation are:

  • Framing hammer
  • Circular saw
  • Level
  • Chalk line and chalk
  • Siding nails
  • Ladders

Siding is normally sold in quantities called squares which are the amount of siding it takes to cover 100 square feet of wall area. You can arrive at a rough idea of how much siding you'll need by figuring the outside area of your home, subtracting out the doors and windows and dividing by 100. It's a good idea to add about 10 percent to your final figure to make up for any waste. Regardless of what type of siding you plan to install you'll also need trim pieces for building corners, around windows and doors, and possibly at your home's fascias and rakes.

A professional siding crew can install a square of siding in about 3 hours and normally charge in a range of $120 to $160 per square depending on the type of siding and job site conditions. You might want to figure at least twice that amount of time for your first siding installation as you learn on the job and also expect a lot more wasted material than a professional siding crew might have. Take your time when doing your first siding installation as working with power tools and ladders can be dangerous; safety should be your first priority.